Meet the Artist


Hi. My name is Sam and I’m an Artist. I like to think I’m more than a photographer, because what I love to do is to create works of art for families to remember special moments in their lives.  I believe that there are moments that come and go so quickly in our modern hectic lives that need to be recorded so that they don’t get forgotten.

I live one of those hectic modern lives. I’m a wife and mother to a rambunctious 6 yr old son who is definitely his mother’s child. I believe strongly in family, and live closely with my extended family. I am also a qualified teacher, and I do still work in local schools providing relief days for other teachers.  I love to read, and watch films, and I’m a night owl. So I’ll often be up late at night, movie on the TV and working away at my computer creating art from your beautiful babies, and that’s the way I like it.

Choosing me to be your newborn photographer means that you are choosing someone dedicated to giving you the best experience and presenting you with beautiful and timeless works of art for your family and your home.




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